Stampwallet loyalty plaform – adding ibeacons

Stampwallet is using ibeacons and BLE for some cool extra functions. For example for store recognition, when a user walks into your store with bluetooth enabled, the phone will automatically show the right stamp card. Really cool and effective. We also offer different ways to collect stamps using ibeacon technology in stampwallet. Go to to login or go to for more information.

Stampwallet loyalty app – good ol’ stampcards using ibeacons or QR codes

Stampwallet is the perfect marketing tool for stores using ibeacons. The good ol’ stamp & membership cards are back. Easy to setup, unique and a great tool to engage with your customers and analyse their behavior in your store. Go to to signup or for more information. Stampwallet is a product of & QBF Solutions.

Users never have to look for there loyalty stamp cards again, stampwallet does the work for you. Walk into a store and stampwallet shows the appropiate stampcard on your phone!

Our unique and patented way of receiving stamps works really simple: a user clicks the ‘collect a stamp’ button and touch the ibeacon with their phone*. Old phone? No problem, you can also receive stamps with the QR code scanner build into our app.

How to create your own Apple passbook coupons with Ibeacons and geofencing support?

How to create your own apple passbook coupons with Ibeacons and geofencing support?