Getting started with iBeacons – Swift Tutorial

In this tutorial, we’ll be creating our first Swift app which interacts with iBeacons. These bluetooth-powered proximity sensors allow us to tell when a device is near or far away from a sensor – and we’ll be creating a little app that updates whenever a beacon is within range.

Getting Started with iBeacon: A Swift Tutorial

This screencast will show you how to write a small iOS Swift app that uses iBeacon. The app changes the screen color to match the color of the closest beacon.

**NOTE** A few things have changed with iOS and Swift since this tutorial was recorded. For the most up-to-date code, please refer to GitHub or the blog post below:

This screencast accompanies the full blog post tutorial found here: (is also available as an eBook here:

All the code found in this screencast can be found on GitHub here:

Estimote iBeacon Tutorial (Swift)

Learn how to monitor and range with Estimote iBeacons. We will use the Estimote SDK. This tutorial also assumes you are more then a beginner and you should have a single view application started and be familiar with cocoapods.


IK1401 – iBeacon Restaurant Demonstration

This is the final year project of Computer Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. This application serves as a proof of concept of integrating iBeacon into restaurant.

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