Stampwallet loyalty plaform – adding ibeacons

Stampwallet is using ibeacons and BLE for some cool extra functions. For example for store recognition, when a user walks into your store with bluetooth enabled, the phone will automatically show the right stamp card. Really cool and effective. We also offer different ways to collect stamps using ibeacon technology in stampwallet. Go to to login or go to for more information.

Estimote Bluetooth Smart Beacon – iBeacon-compatible

Estimote Beacons deliver context and micro-location to phones and other smart devices.
By placing beacons in any physical world venue like retail store developers are able to trigger contextual actions based on proximity.

No more QR codes and NFC. It just works magically appearing on consumer phones in smart retail environment.

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Kuwaiti school uses Lightcurb iBeacon platform & Estimote iBeacons

A short video of a teacher in a Kuwaiti school demonstrating how they are using Estimote iBeacons with the Lightcurb iBeacon platform to push information to parents as they arrive at different sections of the school, or when they attend parent-teacher interviews. Its another simple but effective example of iBeacons proving their worth in education – and the more applications we see, the more will be sparked.

The video shows the notifications working on iOS and Android devices. The platform & app service Lightcurb, supports both via its free ibeacon-scanning app and manager platform.

Introducing iBeacon feature for MicroBot Push 2nd Generation

Discover the new iBeacon feature that turns your MicroBot Push 2nd Generation into a beacon that triggers your favorite automation workflows when you’re in reach and allow you to secure sensitive automation through your iPhone’s fingerprint scanner.

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You parked Here using iBeacon Technology

You Parked Here comprises a small iBeacon that you place inside your car (or on your bike) and a free mobile App that automatically records where you parked when the iBeacon loses radio contact with the App. You can then view this location on the phone’s map, complete with direction information and a route map to where you parked (if the location is on a street). The App is free to download from the Apple App Store and will be available for Android devices soon.

The San Diego Convention Center uses the Spark Compass platform and Gimbal iBeacons..

The Spark Compass platform, powered by Total Communicator Solutions, Inc., is profiled in this video and highlights the use of personalized notifications based on proximity via Geo-fences and BLE beacons. There are currently several hundred beacons installed inside and throughout the San Diego Convention Center. These interact with the users of the San Diego Convention Center app “SDCCC” which is available to download on the Apple App store.

This video is part of a live presentation at the Adeje Tecnologico 14 expo in Tenerife, Spain. Among the keynote speakers is Francis Ortiz, Executive Director of Spark Compass, Europe and via online participation the president of Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. California, Erik Bjontegard.

The presentation will showcase how mobile devices and their interaction with the citizen can make cities smarter, more collaborative and generate interactions between governments and citizens. All this is connected via “Big Data”.

The San Diego Convention Center app and platform are now live and beacons are activated – powered by Spark Compass by Total Communicator Solutions, Inc as shown in this short video shot on-location in San Diego. Hosted by Erik Bjontegard, President and Founder of Total Communicator Solutions, Inc this video captures a live walk through of some of the user interactions generated by the geo-features and Gimbal iBeacon proximity beacons places in the center.

Lightcurb iBeacon platform demonstration

Lightcurb iBeacon platform works with any iBeacon such as Estimote, Kontakt or Lightcurb iBeacons. You simply connect them to the online manager and fill in the destination webadresses or create your own content with the built in editor. Let your audience download the free app from Google Play or the App Store and your iBeacon set up is ready.

Live Beacon: The World’s Simplest iBeacon #Kickstarter

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– Transmit web content and notifications to nearby smartphones. Create info points, guided tours, treasure hunts and more!

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