Innovation Showcase: Tmob Mobile Wallet and iBeacon: Digital Arabia 2013 OnFuture

Rudi Dokmecioglu from Tmob demoing and presenting at Digital Arabia 2013 – Solutions and technologies including Mobile Wallet: mobile wallet solution and products for telcos, banks, financial institutions or companies willing to offer mobile wallet services to their customers, and Ibeacon: in store mobile experinces. The Innovation Showcase is part of STL Partners/OnFuture events, presented as Innovation Souq at Digital Arabia 2013 featuring live demos of cutting edge innovations.

Interactive “Shoe Lift” Digital Signage for Retail – iBeacons & Digital Signage (Demo)

The Interactive Shoe Lift solution for retail displays demonstrates how retailers can use iBeacon technology to trigger product interactions to nearby tablets or displays. Each interaction is tracked, providing store managers useful data enabling them make more informed product placement decisions and assess product-specific shopper interest and intent. This technology can also be coupled with your CRM to gather user-specific product interaction data through your mobile app for re-targeting campaigns. The product-specific content that’s triggered to the display through shopper interaction can be one or a combination of the following medias: static images, videos, audio, URLs and custom HTML pages.

This combination of physical and digital shopper experience is an opportunity for retailers to not only drive customer product interest but as a new advertising option for channel partners that could potentially create an additional revenue stream–or at least add value to existing marketing/advertising agreements.

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What is an iBeacon ?

An iBeacon is an Apple Trademark for an indoor positioning system that Apple calls, a new class of low-powered, low-cost transmitters that can notify nearby iOS 7 devices of their presence.
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Philips Shopping lights, move over iBeacon

Philip has created a new intelligent lighting system that will let users and retailers pinpoint their exact location indoors.

The new technology will use the light, a phones camera, and dedicated software that can be easily built into any app, to track customers as they move around a shop, museum or office building.

Philips hopes that it will be able to use the intelligent lights to help people find things as if they were using standard GPS outside, or to offer people special offers as they walk past them.

iDevise Interactive: iBeacon Museum Artwork Demo

A video tour of an artwork installation with integrated iBeacon proximity sensors. The iBeacons trigger content to a mobile device via Bluetooth. When the visitor approaches the artwork (iBeacon), that specific artwork’s content is shown on the visitor’s device. Types of content range from images, audio, videos, URLs, HTML and more. Deliver relevant content at the right time and in the right place.