iBeacon Platform Retail and Museums

Smart Beacon through mobile devices, it is possible to engage and enhance the user experience, both for the world of retail and for museum environments, in order to let them enjoy a unique experience.

ActValue – iBeacon experience with “Pavia Tour” app

Pavia Tour is a new interactive app for the visit of historic churches and monuments: an engaging technology available to citizens and the many visitors coming to Pavia to discover the city in a totally new and original way.

Pavia Tour is available on Google Play Store and on iOS App Store, you can find all information on www.paviatour.it

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Ciber ANZ iBeacon Proximity Marketing

Ever wondered how iBeacons could be deployed in a store? This proof-of-concept showcases the use of iBeacon technology from a B2C perspective within a retail bricks & mortar store. In our case, we integrated the solution with SAP’s Shopper Experience App so that proximity marketing can be executed in combination with personalised targeted offers & campaigns across a loyalty customer base.
Sorry for the acting, we only had limited resources to draw upon but we’ll assure you that our SAP & technology skills are better than our acting skills.

Proximity Marketing with iBeacon (English Subtitle)

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Proximity Marketing with iBeacon: http://youtu.be/j87D-6JA0g8

By using iBeacon as a micro-location targeting tool, businesses are able to deliver interactions to customers and prompt them to take action. Customers receive personalized experiences based on their proximity a beacon, allowing for businesses to deliver interactions that are contextually relevant.

For more information on iBeacon, download the free iBeacon 101 guide here http://passkit.com/beacons-and-ibeacons-guide/.

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Creating an iBeacon campaign for your coffee shop using Beaconstac

Learn how to create a campaign for your coffee shop using Beaconstac, from configuring your beacons to creating customized offers to be triggered and more.

To learn more, check out: http://www.beaconstac.com

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Scopri iBeacon!

Abbiamo sviluppato una piattaforma che permette di gestire dispositivi BLE (Beacon) e di microlocalizzare spazi fisici comunicando con un segmento di utenti altamente profilato, di progettare campagne temporizzate, di fidelizzare la clientela e creare un’esperienza d’acquisto del tutto unica e coinvolgente. Abbiamo creato un ponte tra off-line e on-line, integrando i luoghi fisici con il mondo digitale.
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