Kuwaiti school uses Lightcurb iBeacon platform & Estimote iBeacons

A short video of a teacher in a Kuwaiti school demonstrating how they are using Estimote iBeacons with the Lightcurb iBeacon platform to push information to parents as they arrive at different sections of the school, or when they attend parent-teacher interviews. Its another simple but effective example of iBeacons proving their worth in education – and the more applications we see, the more will be sparked.

The video shows the notifications working on iOS and Android devices. The platform & app service Lightcurb, supports both via its free ibeacon-scanning app and manager platform.

ActValue – iBeacon experience with “Pavia Tour” app

Pavia Tour is a new interactive app for the visit of historic churches and monuments: an engaging technology available to citizens and the many visitors coming to Pavia to discover the city in a totally new and original way.

Pavia Tour is available on Google Play Store and on iOS App Store, you can find all information on www.paviatour.it

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Mobile iBeacon Technology for Precision Retail Marketing: PART 2

PART 2: This is a great demonstration of the latest in iBeacon for retailers. We have developed a mobile solution including a POS, customer-facing app and “Experience Captain” coupled with low energy beacons (BLE) using iBeacon to help improve targeted micro cell in-store marketing and store analytics. iBeacon is the profile which launched with Apple iOS 7 which helps to make it easier for retailer developers to integrate this technology with their mobile apps. BestFit has been involved in the research & development of these beacon solutions since 2012.

How sports leagues use iBeacons to complement in-stadium SMS

Apple’s iBeacon technology increasingly excites marketers, especially those who see the technology as a way to drive responsive mobile experiences that delight visitors in sports stadiums and keep them loyal, but SMS still has an important role to play.

iBeacon Museum Demo

This is a short demonstration of iBeacon technology released with iOS7. In this scenario, we simulate a stroll through the Denver Art Museum. It is easy to envision in this basic example, how iBeacon capabilities will revolutionize how we will learn and experience the world around us. This example parallels experiences one might have traveling, visiting a national park, zoo, museum or any historic site.. There are many business cases for this technology as well, and we would like to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us at www.westcompass.com

DeviceHunt iBeacon Concept — Find a phone inside your house

If you’ve lost a phone and know it’s in your house, how do you find it? What if it’s in a pair of jeans in a laundry basket, or maybe it’s in a bag in the garage. I put together a prototype to find your device in a radar-like fashion, using Apple’s iBeacon.

This is not a finished product, just a quick prototype to demonstrate the potential of iBeacons.

iBeacon – Q&A – Trigger Distance, Interference, Security 6/9

iBeacon — The Power to Rattle Your Industry or Start a New Company (Filed at Mobile March 2014)

How close do you need to be to interact with an iBeacon? What materials will interfere with my iBeacon signals? Are iBeacons secure, or easy to hack?

In this video series, you’ll discover what iBeacons are and how they work. Kurt McIntire of Vektor Digital shares iBeacon best practices and limitations and shows how big players are capitalizing on this exciting technology.

If you have any questions or are looking to brainstorm about iBeacon, reach out at contact@vektordigital.com or @vektordigital on Twitter.

Get the slides here: http://www.slideshare.net/KurtMcIntire/ibeacon-presentation-mobile-march-2014

MOCA Platform – Proximity ibeacon marketing Platfom

Experience the most advanced proximity ibeacon marketing platform. Visit https://mocaplatform.com/

MOCA enables the delivery of highly personalized and contextualized marketing campaigns at the right place at the right time. MOCA allows an in-depth data analysis on users’ behavior in the physical world, helping companies to convert insights into actions.