How to change the configuration of beacons

This video shows how fast and easy the entire configuration of an iBeacon or of an entire fleet of beacons can be changed or updated, by using our CMS cloud platform and / or our Mobile Management Aplication.

iBeacons – What are they and How do they Work

Learn about iBeacons and how the work. iBeacons are the next big thing in mobile. Learn all about them and how they work in this video.

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Enrolling new iBeacons on Onyx Beacon CMS

In this video, Bianca Fagaras, Sales Manager at Onyx Beacon, demonstrates how easy it is to define a new iBeacon in our CMS.
Enrolling iBeacons is the first step in creating and administrating large fleets of iBeacons, in order to track your users, analyse their behavior and communicate efficiently with your customers.
Track. Analyse. Communicate.

CT Flower Show 2016 iBeacon Demonstration

At we just completed a mobile app and beacon demonstration at the CT Flower Show. We created the CT Flower Show app and then deployed 23 Kontakt beacons throughout the show. Visitors had to check in at 10 locations to be eligible for a grand prize. We used a free standing kiosk to send text message which links for downloads. There were over 800 downloads for the four day show.

iBeacons for Events

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There’s been a whirl of buzz around event mobile apps and the pursuit of constantly improving the attendee experience.

With personalization being among the top priorities this year, we will see more push notifications, RFID technology and now indoor positioning systems.

You may have heard the new popular term within the industry iBeacons. So how do they fit into events?

So what are these iBeacons? Through Bluetooth technology for both Android and iOS users, your attendees can receive notifications, alerts and promotions to their smartphones within your event.

This location based content sharing through mobile apps will dramatically enhance attendees’ meeting & event experiences. The sky’s the limit for leveraging this technology. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show they included gamification within their app by creating scavenger hunts which allowed attendees to collect badges & win prizes which helped drive engagement through the iBeacon’s notifications.

You could also ….
1. Create welcome notifications or videos as attendees enter the hotel or tradeshow floor.
2, Drive engagement between social circles, letting attendees know when their followers/associates/friends are nearby or attending the same sessions.
3. Exhibitors and sponsors could pay to distribute offers or sales pushes, maybe even video demos as attendees approach their booths.

From travel to major event highlights, iBeacons will certainly enhance the event experience.

Real Art Ways iBeacon Demonstration.

Real Art Ways is using iBeacon technology in the current Talking Cure exhibit. Users can activate a self guided audio tour on the Hello Parkville app. iBeacons trigger actions on the app which gives an enhanced experience for users.

iBeacon demonstration at SeaWorld, Orlando

At the recent Garden Center Group Fall Event, Sunrise Marketing set up a beacon demonstration at SeaWorld Orlando, FL. We created an app for the Group on the #epunched mobile app platform. We then placed #kontakt beacons at five key locations throughout the park. Once they entered a ‘zone’ the beacon would trigger a URL page to load and the participants would answer poll questions.