Full Beacon Demo Using Estimote iBeacon

In this video you can see a full demo of attendance system depend on iBeacons technology with Estimote beacons. It can make attendance system more powerful and easier. also it saves a lot of time for employee.

Activity Tracking with Human, Location Services, iBeacon

Inspired by Human, an iOS fitness tracking app, and an app project based on Bluetooth LE technology that I started working on recently, I am talking about iOS location services in this week’s episode of waschhaus.tv.

Updated to version 2.0 the fitness tracking app Human (available on the App Store) is tracking your daily activities like walking, running and biking. Your goal is to move at least 30 minutes a day. The app keeps track of every minute you move actively, all you need to do is taking your iPhone with you – Human monitors your activities in the background.

I am talking about the different technologies on which location services are based in iOS. Did you know that your iPhone uses Wi-Fi networks around you to figure out your current location?

With iOS 7 Apple introduced iBeacon, which is able to locate your device indoor based on Bluetooth LE. It was recently used in New York at Times Square and the MetLife stadium while the Super Bowl took place. It provided advertising and location-specific data to users of the NFL app.

Web site App Human: http://human.co

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Eddystone and iBeacon detection with mobile apps

This video features the demo app which leverages on iBeacons and Eddystone technology on both iOS and Android platforms for location proximity detection. This useful feature could be built on apps to develop meaningful solutions such as journey trail, travel apps etc.

Accurate Indoor Localization through Bluetooth BLE iBeacon

Accurate location through ibeacons only. The algorithm doesn’t use fingerprinting or Trilateration techniques, instead I’m using my own hybrid algorithm using mobile sensors to locate the user’s position within 1-3 meters accuracy.