Evothings Viewer iBeacon background scanning

Demo of beacon background scanning in Evothings Viewer 1.3 on iOS. Download Evothings Studio from https://evothings.com/download
Code for the iBeacon Scan app: https://github.com/evothings/evothings-examples/tree/master/generated/examples/ibeacon-scan iBeacon Starter Guide: https://evothings.com/doc/starter-guides/ibeacon-starter-guide.html

Evolution of cordova-plugin-ibeacon (Gource Visualization)

Gource visualization of cordova-plugin-ibeacon (https://github.com/petermetz/cordova-plugin-ibeacon). An iBeacon plugin for Phonegap / Cordova 3.x and upwards. Supports both iOS and Android (contributions are welcome)

Support iBeacons In Your Ionic Framework Mobile App

Support proximity beacons, also known as iBeacons, in your Ionic Framework Android and iOS mobile application using the Apache Cordova beacon plugin.

The iBeacons being used in this video are Estimote beacons that I got in a developer kit.

If you’re interested in seeing a written version of this article, you can find one here on my blog: https://blog.nraboy.com/2015/09/support-ibeacons-in-your-ionic-framework-mobile-app/

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