Scan For BLE iBeacon Devices With Golang On A Raspberry Pi Zero W

Learn how to scan for bluetooth low energy (BLE) proximity iBeacon devices from a Raspberry Pi Zero W via a Golang application.

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Estimote Beacons – iBeacon-style Bluetooth Smart (LE) sensors

Estimote Beacon is a cheap and small, Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy) device, sometimes also called a ‘mote’. When placed in a physical space, it broadcasts tiny radio signals around itself.

Think about it as a very small lighthouse. Smartphones that are in range are able to ‘hear’ these signals and estimate their location very precisely, as well as communicate with the beacon to exchange data and information.

Apple™, Google™ and Nokia™ have announced recently native support of BLE devices with their latest mobile operating systems and devices.

Read more about Estimote on TechCrunch: or visit Estimote Website

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Digital Ownership of Physical Space. Examples with iBeacon, PlaceApp, PlaceConnect

Digital Ownership of Physical Space. Here we show examples and uses to owning digital content of your physical space, using the Place Global ecosystem of PlaceApp (iOS/Android), PlaceConnect (server control) and iBeacons. This video without sound. Please feel free to contact us with questions at

Unboxing and testing bluetooth iBeacon devices

Experience the most advanced Proximity Marketing and iBeacon Platform –

We have just received iBeacons Development Preview Kit from Estimote, Poland. This cool new technology is going to be huge. Discover more interesting content about ibecons and proximity marketing at our Blog:

MOCA is a mobile cloud marketing platform that turns any mobile app into a powerful marketing tool. Using Bluetooth beacons, geolocation, push notifications and customer insights, MOCA enables the delivery of highly personalized and contextualized marketing campaigns at the right place at the right time. MOCA learns from mobile users to provide their clients the knowledge they need to truly transform their business.

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Bubble: Your Websites on iBeacon

Bubble is an iBeacon powered web browser.
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Easily tag websites to things in the real world and discover them when nearby with the Bubble Browser, a mobile browser that replaces URLs with iBeacons.

Tag URLs to your iBeacons through our web portal, or download the Bubble Tag Manager app for iOS.

People can discover your sites with the Bubble Browser for iOS, the first iBeacon powered web browser.

iBeacon with Passbook Demonstration

Buy GemTot Beacons (Eddystone, iBeacon, AltBeacon support)

This video provides step by step instructions for how to use the GemTot SDK App.

At the end of the demo, the audience will be able to:
1. Describe the main benefits of iBeacon technology.
2. Understand why the distance measured is not precise.
3. Articulate how differentiated proximity services can be delivered using iBeacon ranges.
4. Identify opportunities to use Passbook passes and iBeacon technology to drive traffic and loyalty.

Businesses use PassKit to integrate technologies like Apple’s iBeacon and Wallet, to create unique and remarkable experiences for their customers today.

PassKit connects the physical world to the digital world by enabling information, experiences or tokens of value that are relevant to a person’s location, preferences and/or behaviours to be pushed to the smartphone.  Businesses use PassKit to integrate technologies like Apple’s iBeacon and Passbook, to create unique and remarkable experiences for their customers today.

As smartphone and micro-location technology continue to evolve, PassKit remains on the cutting edge, ensuring these innovations are instantly accessible to everyone. Founded in June 2012 and headquartered in Hong Kong, PassKit is already being used by thousands of pioneering companies worldwide.

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Enjoy: iBeacon

Como já disse o nosso sócio e diretor de engajamento, Vitor Elman, “não espere até a invenção da máquina do tempo” em seu artigo sobre iBeacon para a Proxxima ( Esta tecnologia que experimenta um alto nível de crescimento no mercado americano, promete revolucionar a experiência em loja e outras atividades envolvendo o físico e o digital. Esper o que você leia o artigo e também curta muito o nosso vídeo 🙂 #enjoy

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