ESP32 iBeacon Indoor Positioning Dashboard

Indoor positioning of a moving iBeacon, using trilateration and three ESP32 development modules.
ESP32 modules report all beacons they see, to MQTT topic.
Dashboard subscribes to this topic, and shows the location of beacons which are seen by all three stations.



Computex 2014 iBeacon Indoor Positioning

The “Computex Taipei” APP launched by TAITRA used SAILStech positioning and navigation engine which seamlessly combined Apple’s latest micro-locating iBeacon technology and mobile phones integrated accelerometers, gyroscopes and electronic compass to precisely calculate users position (accuracy of less than two meters) in the exhibition hall. It must have been a long haul for TAITRA to launch an APP with the latest iBeacon technology, which is only introduced to market within a year. Except for global visitors and buyers will be able to find booths more efficiently, in the future, personal service can be added within the APP to make it possible to automatically obtain or exchange booths DM and cards which can help cut paper usage and contibute to energy saving and environment protection. TAITRA has started exhibition indoor positioning reign from Computex 2014 exhibition; more and more exhibitions will provide position-related APP in the future to offer visitors a more convenient service. Application fields are also numberless, such as galleries, museums , government agencies , libraries, hospitals, airports , train stations, transit , transfer stations , theme parks , shopping malls , community, parking lot .. etc.

由外貿協會推出的「Computex Taipei」APP,首度引進iBeacon微定位技術,採用帆船科技的定位引擎,帆船科技技術的特點是結合了apple最新的iBeacon微定位技術以及手機的慣性元件如加速度計、陀螺儀、與電子羅盤,精準的計算出使用者在展覽館的位置,定位精準度小於兩公尺。對於國外訪客與買家將可以更有效率的找到攤位。外貿協會能夠在apple宣布iBeacon規格後一年就引進iBeacon定位技術,並且提供點對點的室内導航,實屬不易。
有了iBeacon室内定位服務,對於展覽訪客與買家將可以更有效率的找到攤位,未來結合APP個人化服務,更可作到自動攤位的DM索取與名片交換,不用大量索取紙本DM,節能環保。本次Computex 外貿協會為展覽界劃下室内定位的元年,相信未來許多展場將陸續提供相關的定位功能,提供訪客更便捷的展覽服務!

Precise Indoor Navigation for smartphones (iBeacon) indoor-navigation system uses Bluetooth-beacons to determine the location of a smartphone. These standalone devices are based on iBeacon technology, they powered by batteries or USB and periodically emit a radio signal. User’s smartphone receives these signals, measures power and calculates the coordinates. The found location is shown on the map on smartphone or used to generate notifications.

Mexia- Indoor Positioning Demo using iBeacon/BLE

Mexia Interactive demonstrates indoor positioning of a mobile device within a building. Using our leading M-Sensor that includes a USB powered iBeacon/BLE module with an external antenna, we are able to accurately position a device inside any building and have onboard sensors move the ‘blue dot’ along with the user.

Mexia can provide Developers with a complete SDK (iOS as of June2014. Android SDK ready Aug14) to integrate this technology into any indoor mapping or wayfinding component for an App.

Additional functionality of the Mexia M-Sensor include Enterprise level WiFi, iBeacon/BLE mobile engagement and best-in-class anonymous mobile location analytics. We also provide complete CMS (content management system) SDK’s for iOS and Android for iBeacon/BLE that provides proximity notifications, social connectivity, geo-fencing and a secure 3 token mobile payment module.