iBeacons & the Customer Experience

The Digital Tourism Think Tank is pleased to be streaming live, hot topic, Digital Breakfasts throughout summer, for both digital and travel, serving inspirational learning over a coffee and a croissant.

Our first Digital Breakfast in the series will fuel your mind with practical knowledge and opportunities. We will seek to explore how iBeacons can be used to engage your digital visitors, plus, how this technology can be used specifically for your business to raise your sales and improve the visitor experience? We will provide a range of tourism best practices to learn from.

ETOA are partnering with the Digital Tourism Think Tank during the series, to keep you up-to-date on the hottest topics and trends during the summer.


hybris software shows Google Glass in action with iBeacons

hybris delivers a commerce software suite that is best in class, helping a company execute all its direct selling processes and present a single view and a unified experience to all its customers.
By constantly investigating and researching new technologies we are able to integrate these into our software.
Google Glasses and iBeacons are just one of these evolving technologies.
Download the full commissioned Forrester Study: http://bit.ly/OW04zp

Stampwallet loyalty plaform – adding ibeacons

Stampwallet is using ibeacons and BLE for some cool extra functions. For example for store recognition, when a user walks into your store with bluetooth enabled, the phone will automatically show the right stamp card. Really cool and effective. We also offer different ways to collect stamps using ibeacon technology in stampwallet. Go to www.stampwallet.io/admin to login or go to www.stampwallet.io for more information.

How to change the configuration of beacons

This video shows how fast and easy the entire configuration of an iBeacon or of an entire fleet of beacons can be changed or updated, by using our CMS cloud platform and / or our Mobile Management Aplication.