5 Minutes Integration iBeacon device to BackEnd as a Service – Android OS

5 Minutes Integration iBeacon device to BackEnd as a Service. Just Sign in, Install the app, and Integrate with Cubeacon BackEnd as a Service (BaaS).

Free Sign up and Get 100,000 Free Data Push to Cubeacon BackEnd as a service.
Web: http://cubeacon.com
Sign Up: http://developer.cubeacon.com

Get UUID Major and Minor from iBeacon Device

How to get information from iBeacon device such as Major,Minor and UUID.

Install Cubeacon Locate On Google Play:

Make sure your smartphone integrated with Bluetooth Version 4.


inbeacons – Cloud CMS for iBeacon

inbeacons.com is a cloud CMS designed for easy management of iBeacons.

We provide web applications that allow total configuration, data storage, analysis as well as the ability to rest API’s and retrieve any type of content dynamically from your apps.

iBeacon – Using TYPO3 to manage iBeacon Sensor Grids and App Content – Mirko Ross

Bluetooth low energy (BLE) sensor tags are designed for indoor positioning and location awareness systems. The BLE beacon technology was introduced on the market in 2013 with APPLE’s iBeacon Standard. The iBeacon sensor tags can be placed on various indoor locations, e.g. shopping malls to provide location based information for services. Each sensor tag sends a BLE transmitting Beacon signal. As iBeacon signals are based on Bluetooth low Energy, the reliable transmitting range is up to 30m, with falling accuracy on increasing distance. For that reason, usually a grid of iBeacons will be setup to cover indoor locations.

This presentation will give an overview on iBeacon technology, its challenges and the high potential of the technology in the Internet of Things.

And of course it will present how TYPO3 can be used to manage iBeacon Sensor Grids, BLE Sensor Management and distributing Content to mobile iOS Apps.

iBeacon: Animated Guide

Beacons (Apple calls them iBeacons™) are small transmitters that are permanently sending a signal in a distance from a few inches/centimeters (close), to a few foot/meters (near) and up to 70 meters to all devices that are listening for such a signal. The devices that listen are all iPhone newer than the iPhone 4s and devices that support Android 4.3 or newer such as a Samsung Galaxy S4. If your device is receiving a signal and it knows what to do with it, it will notify on the device screen about it with a message such as, here is something that might interest you such as a coupon or a special offer.

Supermarket iBeacon beer promotion demo app for SABMiller

We were approached by SABMiller to help them build and test a prototype iPhone application using ibeacons to push location based beer offers to customers in pubs and supermarkets. Read our learnings here http://www.ideasmadedigital.com/home/index/10

Mexia- Indoor Positioning Demo using iBeacon/BLE

Mexia Interactive demonstrates indoor positioning of a mobile device within a building. Using our leading M-Sensor that includes a USB powered iBeacon/BLE module with an external antenna, we are able to accurately position a device inside any building and have onboard sensors move the ‘blue dot’ along with the user.

Mexia can provide Developers with a complete SDK (iOS as of June2014. Android SDK ready Aug14) to integrate this technology into any indoor mapping or wayfinding component for an App.

Additional functionality of the Mexia M-Sensor include Enterprise level WiFi, iBeacon/BLE mobile engagement and best-in-class anonymous mobile location analytics. We also provide complete CMS (content management system) SDK’s for iOS and Android for iBeacon/BLE that provides proximity notifications, social connectivity, geo-fencing and a secure 3 token mobile payment module.