iBeacon could make NFC obsolete

iBeacon could make NFC obsolete from Chatterbox live. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Chatterbox live on Blip! http://blip.tv/chatterbox-live/watch

A newer technology used for wireless payments and micro-location mapping.

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E4: Unboxing Bluetooth iBeacons

This is an unboxing on an iBeacon purchased on Amazon. I added a review of it here and in the comments for the product on Amazon. I’m considering doing a prototype application for tracking things around the house, work, or homestead.

Here’s the product I purchased:
Lotton iBeacon from AMZ: http://amzn.to/2kQ6GVw

You could even track your chickens with these guys..

iOS Apps Used:
– Beacon Flyer
– Bluetooth Smart Scanner (Pally)

Developer Tools Used:
RxBluetoothKit (for iOS Developers)
– https://github.com/Polidea/RxBluetoothKit

MINDSTORMS EV3 – triggering actions with an iBeacon

A bash script scans for nearby BLE devices and if it finds my iBeacon nearby makes the motor run (very slow here because there are lots of BLE devices at office and bash isn’t the most proper method to measure RSSI values).
LEGO “Clockwork Heart” from JK Brickworks:

Clockwork Heart

FeasyBeacon APP Introduction For Eddystone (URL,UID) iBeacon AltBeacon Broadcasting

FeasyBeacon Super 4000M long range beacon presented by Feasycom Technology Company which is the professional bluetooth module & beacon manufaturer.

Feasycom’s engineering and design services include:

APP Support
PCB Design
Development Board
Firmware Development
Depth Customization
Certification Request
Turn-Key Production Testing & Manufacturing

Company Web: www.feasycom.com www.feasycom.net

Alibaba Link: https://feasycom.en.alibaba.com