iBeacon Platform Retail and Museums

Smart Beacon through mobile devices, it is possible to engage and enhance the user experience, both for the world of retail and for museum environments, in order to let them enjoy a unique experience.

TradeShowPro – An iBeacon enabled app for events or trade shows.

TradeShowPro is a comprehensive events app that provides information about all the seminars and booths in a show around you.

Picture yourself walking through a Trade Show with a pen in one hand while fumbling to find a place to write notes on the little pad of paper you picked up at the entrance. You may lose that paper by the end of the night, and you may certainly have forgotten to capture some important details as the evening progressed. Now imagine an elevated experience; no paper or pencil not only means less of a fuss for you, but also less waste for the environment. Environmental stewardship is seen more and more as a crucial requirement for the future of the wine industry, so you will be contributing to this simply by using TradeShowPro.

It is developed by FreshWorks Studio (AirSenze), a mobile and web app development firm in Victoria, BC

RFduino iBeacon Smart Shopper Demo

RFduino leverages the proximity awareness and contextual notification capabilities of iBeacon.

The Scenario – Retail

RFduino iBeacon works wonders in the retail world for both big and small store locations. RFduino iBeacon can send specialized offers to the customers smart phone or other devices. If the customer is in close proximity to an item that has a special offer associated with it, the customers device is notified and the in store location is provided. Locations that have the RFduino iBeacon up and running in store, are able to provide their customers with dynamic pricing and in store navigation to those specific products, this in turn creates a more pleasurable shopping experience for the customer and a smarter way to market for the store.

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iBeacon App Integration

Buy GemTot USB iBeacons: http://passkit.com/buy-ibeacon/

iBeacon App Integration: http://youtu.be/qe1gomQ3MmE

Adding iBeacon capabilities to your app allows for a greater level of interaction and engagement with customers. Test iBeacon and beacons without an app by using the Pass Designer http://create.passkit.com/.

For more information on iBeacon, download the free iBeacon 101 guide here http://passkit.com/beacons-and-ibeacons-guide/.

Have more questions on iBeacon? Share them with us at http://forum.passkit.com/.

iBeacon Treasure Hunt at Bett Show 2015

We’ve set up a simple iBeacon treasure hunt on the Stormfront stand at Bett Show 2015 to demonstrate how iBeacons can be used in the classroom for education. Players use the locly app to discover 5 hidden beacons, which must be visited in the correct sequence to complete the game. This is easy to replicate in any location using the locly app and iBeacon devices.

JBK Labs CheckIn: iBeacon Time Clock App for Construction

In this video, see the latest development from the JBKnowledge Labs – a time tracking app for construction sites using Appleā€™s iBeacon technology. CEO James Benham and Research & Development Team Leader Graham Leslie demonstrate the mobile app in the BinarySpace coworking space in Bryan/College Station, TX.



Featured in this video are Estimote Beacons, which use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication innovated by Apple’s iBeacon. This technology will surely revolutionize the way modern construction work sites monitor each worker’s time and activity. With the iBeacon, workers will be able to clock in by simply walking through a designated area and immediately start working. When workers are leaving for the day, they simply walk off the job site and the iBeacon records their departure. Overall, using the Estimote Beacons on the construction site will help general contractors manage subcontractor time and activities while on the job.

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JBKnowledge develops web, mobile and wearable technology solutions for construction, risk management, and insurance. JBKnowledge is the maker of the SmartBidNet commercial construction bid software, SmartCompliance certificate of insurance and compliance management software, SmartReality augmented reality mobile app for construction project visualization, and the SmartInsight construction qualification management software.

Visit http://jbknowledge.com/ to learn more!