Full Beacon Demo Using Estimote iBeacon

In this video you can see a full demo of attendance system depend on iBeacons technology with Estimote beacons. It can make attendance system more powerful and easier. also it saves a lot of time for employee.

Google Nexus 5 camera, Apple’s iBeacon, LG G Flex comments & more – Pocketnow Daily Recap

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Android iBeacon notification (Italian)

Guida per utilizzare gli iBeacon con Android: Matteo Gazzurelli ci mostra come creare un’applicazione che notifica quando si entra nel raggio di un particolare iBeacon, con tanto di supporto per Android Wear.

Tutti i video Google Developers Italia sono raccolti nella playlist http://goo.gl/nPA2dm

Bluetooth Beacon | Bluetooth iBeacon, Google & Eddystone

Bluetooth Beacons | Bluetooth Beacon – What Is It?

Back in 2013, Apple announced iBeacons, a Bluetooth-powered beacon that would interact with your iDevice. They seem to have fallen off but thanks to Google’s rival project, Bluetooth beacons might have a come back. Bluetooth beacons are tiny transmitters, that constantly beam out a signal to nearby devices, transmitting information about some point of interest.

Apple has these in their stores to enhance the shoppers experience. All that combined means that Bluetooth beacons have yet to hit the mainstream. Google has copied a version to which they call it Eddystone. Whats interesting about Eddystone is that it is open source.

Eddystone could be produced by any manufacturer for as little as $10, it communicates with any Android or iOS smartphone.

Bluetooth Beacons | Blue Tooth Beacon – Whats The Big Deal?

Bluetooth beacons have the potential to be a big deal. One of the biggest innovations for smartphones is whats called contextual awareness — your phone can know when you’re in your house, in your car, or sightseeing at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Contextual awareness relies on phones knowing where they are, and what they’re talking to.

Low-energy Bluetooth beacons have the potential to change the way we use our smartphones: a Bluetooth beacon at bus stop can offer you the a timetables offer when you stop there for ten seconds. Restaurants can also utilize this technology for when a customer walk into a restaurant the menu show up. Those are just a few examples, the possibilities for bluetooth beacons are pretty vast.

This vision isn’t new, Apple claimed the same stuff when introducing iBeacons back in 2013. But Eddystone has the potential to catch on. Google has left beacon hardware, firmware, and the user experience up to other companies; Google’s just providing the parts that let beacons talk to phones with the least possible effort.

If Eddystone catches on, it will opens the door to all sorts of creative solutions. But here we are: it’s 2015, Googles Nexus phones are orbiting overhead, and thanks to Google, the phone in your pocket might soon start talking to the traffic lights.

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