iBeacon Experience Days: Interview with Glimworm Beacons Co-founders.

Erwin Blom of Fast Moving Targets interviews Jonathan Carter and Paul Manwaring who give a good basic explanation of iBeacon technology. They explain what it can do, describe use cases and what the Hackaton is all about. We also get interesting insight about the origins of Glimworm Beacons emerging in a unique developer and maker movement in Amsterdam. For more information about iBeacon Experience Days visit http://www.glimwormbeacons.com

iBeacon Experience Days: Interview about the future of tourism

Erwin Blom of Fast Moving Targets guides a discussion with Paul Manwaring of Glimworm and Marjan Schrama cluster manager for tourism at the Amsterdam Economic Board about how iBeacon technology can be used to create new and meaningful cultural experiences for tourists visiting Amsterdam and the Netherlands. They discuss specific problems and opportunities exploring how beacons can enable new experiences.

For more information about Glimworm Beacons please visit www.glimwormbeacons.com

For more information about the Amsterdam Economic Board please visit www.amsterdameconomicboard.com