iBeacon Technology in Education Demonstration

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iBeacon Technology in Education demonstration. One of the first examples in the world. Edtech visionary and ADE Paul Hamilton shows how iBeacon technology has been used in education to create learning zones. iBeacon technology has massive potential in schools, both from a teaching and learning context and administration.

iBeacon Treasure Hunt at Bett Show 2015

We’ve set up a simple iBeacon treasure hunt on the Stormfront stand at Bett Show 2015 to demonstrate how iBeacons can be used in the classroom for education. Players use the locly app to discover 5 hidden beacons, which must be visited in the correct sequence to complete the game. This is easy to replicate in any location using the locly app and iBeacon devices.

Apple Watch and iBeacon Technology

Paul Hamilton demonstrates how the Apple Watch can used in conjunction with iBeacon technology.

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