How to change the configuration of beacons

This video shows how fast and easy the entire configuration of an iBeacon or of an entire fleet of beacons can be changed or updated, by using our CMS cloud platform and / or our Mobile Management Aplication.

iBeacon Museum Demo

This is a short demonstration of iBeacon technology released with iOS7. In this scenario, we simulate a stroll through the Denver Art Museum. It is easy to envision in this basic example, how iBeacon capabilities will revolutionize how we will learn and experience the world around us. This example parallels experiences one might have traveling, visiting a national park, zoo, museum or any historic site.. There are many business cases for this technology as well, and we would like to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us at

DeviceHunt iBeacon Concept — Find a phone inside your house

If you’ve lost a phone and know it’s in your house, how do you find it? What if it’s in a pair of jeans in a laundry basket, or maybe it’s in a bag in the garage. I put together a prototype to find your device in a radar-like fashion, using Apple’s iBeacon.

This is not a finished product, just a quick prototype to demonstrate the potential of iBeacons.

Digital Ownership of Physical Space. Examples with iBeacon, PlaceApp, PlaceConnect

Digital Ownership of Physical Space. Here we show examples and uses to owning digital content of your physical space, using the Place Global ecosystem of PlaceApp (iOS/Android), PlaceConnect (server control) and iBeacons. This video without sound. Please feel free to contact us with questions at

Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) Marketing on i-Devices, ibeacon application demo

Bluetooth low energy, similar to classic Bluetooth, using 2.4GHz ISM band radio for communication. The different part is this mode using simpler modulation and much lower energy. A coin cells can last for months or years. It provides a easier way to transmit less security and simple data communications, in some case even without pairing. Start from BT4.0, BLE mode becomes part of standard Bluetooth feature.

What is LBA, Location-based advertising?
Smartphones are transforming the buying decision process.
In Google’s Mobile In-Store Research, it showcases 79% of smartphone owners are ‘smartphone shoppers’, who use their mobile to assist in shopping, while 9 in 10 of the group use their smartphone for pre-shopping activities such as ‘find location/ directions’, ‘find promo offers’ and ‘find product information’.

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iBeacon Hardware Demo Example

In this iBeacon demo, we discuss Bluetooth Low Energy chips and show a number of different beacon options. We cover what values an ibeacon advertises, Apple’s advertising wrapper, key items to consider when evaluating beacons, and the ibeacons we plan to use in our custom apps and soon to be released ibeacon platform. Please feel to drop us a line with questions or comments. Our website is

iBeacon Technology in Education Demonstration

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iBeacon Technology in Education demonstration. One of the first examples in the world. Edtech visionary and ADE Paul Hamilton shows how iBeacon technology has been used in education to create learning zones. iBeacon technology has massive potential in schools, both from a teaching and learning context and administration.

Adobe AIR + OSC + ARDUINO + iBeacons ANE + kontakt io beacons demo

On this demo I tried to state that using Adobe AIR as my only tool to develop iOS apps I can manage a complete iBeacon bases solution.

Using a native extension i built a small app that send OSC messages to an OSC server running on an Arduino UNO + Ethernet Shield + Xbee Shield, those messages are diferent as user enter the iBeacons region, change its proximity to them or detects new beacons.

Two more UNO’s equipped with series one Xbee chips where coded as receivers for the main Arduino instructions, one for turning my kitchen light on/off and the other coded to play a random song on an iPod nano connected to a Yamaha Speaker/dock using standard NEC remote commands and some IR leds.

When I change my proximity to one specific beacon located behind my entrance door from NEAR to INMEDIATE the iOS device communicates to the Arduino system of the user imminent entrance, as well sends a notification to my pebble with a welcome message, all happens with no physical interaction with any of the devices involved, then all the real world events occurred inside my apartment as magic.

iBeacons provided by kontakt io
The ANE I used was coded and distributed by Rudy Van Der Blom
As usual some of the ANE’s that give me as gif last year was used too.

All other elements can be bought on Sparkfun or ebay.

I see enormous possibilities on using this new technology, stores with beacons under their tables, identification using them and maybe a social API, micro location.

And remember Flash is not dead as people like me an others use it to do cool physical computing/videomapping/platform communication things and not just banners and boring stuff.