Creating content cards for iBeacon with Rover

The Rover beacon content creator is incredibly flexible, allowing you to author content exactly the way you want. You can add text, images, buttons, and even barcodes. Don’t forget that you can use the links on buttons to deep link to other parts or functions in your app.

iBeacon PlaceBMS content management sneak peek

A short sneak peek of our PlaceCMS software platform for managing content associated with iBeacons. PlaceCMS is a software platform to allow purchasers of beacons to manage content delivered to apps, enabling them to add or change content at will and have updated information delivered and displayed when a user encounters a beacon. PlaceCMS is not currently released but will be shortly. We also anticipate adding functionality not seen here. We hope this video will further your understanding of how this technology promises to make our lives significantly more magical. IF you would like to receive a release announcement when it is commercially available, have questions or a special project, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Reach us at or drop us a note here.

Lightcurb iBeacon platform demonstration

Lightcurb iBeacon platform works with any iBeacon such as Estimote, Kontakt or Lightcurb iBeacons. You simply connect them to the online manager and fill in the destination webadresses or create your own content with the built in editor. Let your audience download the free app from Google Play or the App Store and your iBeacon set up is ready.

inbeacons – Cloud CMS for iBeacon is a cloud CMS designed for easy management of iBeacons.

We provide web applications that allow total configuration, data storage, analysis as well as the ability to rest API’s and retrieve any type of content dynamically from your apps.