IndoorNow (Coupon service based BLE iBeacon)

This demo is coupon service using bluetooth beacon (same as iBeacon).
we support android and ios .
this demo shows the operation of the background.

Product : IndoorNow (Indoor Positioning System)
Company : nemustech (in South Korea)
Mail :
Web :

BLE Bluetooth iBeacon with accelerometer sensor transmist data X Y Z to the app demo

shenzhen hongyi yunjia Technology Co.,ltd have produced the BLE Bluetooth device using iBeacon technology connecting the motion sensor to sent the accelerometer to app (android, IOS )
this video show that the lightblue app can read the accelerometer data , so the developer can use our iBeacon device to connect the internet and do the internet of thing (IOT) more info please contact us ,
also you can visit our website :
and you can use our device for anti-lost and proximity and [proximity market and transmission data and controller
and also for indoor location