Kuwaiti school uses Lightcurb iBeacon platform & Estimote iBeacons

A short video of a teacher in a Kuwaiti school demonstrating how they are using Estimote iBeacons with the Lightcurb iBeacon platform to push information to parents as they arrive at different sections of the school, or when they attend parent-teacher interviews. Its another simple but effective example of iBeacons proving their worth in education – and the more applications we see, the more will be sparked.

The video shows the notifications working on iOS and Android devices. The platform & app service Lightcurb, supports both via its free ibeacon-scanning app and manager platform.

Creating content cards for iBeacon with Rover

The Rover beacon content creator is incredibly flexible, allowing you to author content exactly the way you want. You can add text, images, buttons, and even barcodes. Don’t forget that you can use the links on buttons to deep link to other parts or functions in your app.

Minew smart wireless bluetooth 5.0 ibeacon, beacon, eddystone—-minewtech.com

E2 is a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy / version smart 5.0 / 2.4GHz) Beacon with PA optional. http://bit.ly/2H3ovWV Cover the range to Dia 300m more and reduce the power comsuption to 35uA average only

As it is an active tag, it has 4 pcs AA battery and been developed to work with iOS 7.0 and Android 4.3+System competible.
It will always broadcast the iBeacon, eddystone frames that you set, you could download our APP ” BeaconSET+ ” setting the parameters. http://bit.ly/2H3ovWV

ActValue – iBeacon experience with “Pavia Tour” app

Pavia Tour is a new interactive app for the visit of historic churches and monuments: an engaging technology available to citizens and the many visitors coming to Pavia to discover the city in a totally new and original way.

Pavia Tour is available on Google Play Store and on iOS App Store, you can find all information on www.paviatour.it

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E4: Unboxing Bluetooth iBeacons

This is an unboxing on an iBeacon purchased on Amazon. I added a review of it here and in the comments for the product on Amazon. I’m considering doing a prototype application for tracking things around the house, work, or homestead.

Here’s the product I purchased:
Lotton iBeacon from AMZ: http://amzn.to/2kQ6GVw

You could even track your chickens with these guys..

iOS Apps Used:
– Beacon Flyer
– Bluetooth Smart Scanner (Pally)

Developer Tools Used:
RxBluetoothKit (for iOS Developers)
– https://github.com/Polidea/RxBluetoothKit

iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.0 Proximity Device Ebeoo Beacon Pro

LINK PRODUCT DETAILS: https://www.banggood.com/IBeacon-Bluetooth-Low-Energy-BLE-4_0-Proximity-Device-Ebeoo-Beacon-Pro-p-997065.html?p=BH100011313440201706
iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.0 Proximity Device Ebeoo Beacon Pro

—————————- MORE DETAILS BELOW —————————-

iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.0 Proximity Device Ebeoo Beacon Pro
Product Detail-
Ebeoo BLE-Bluetooth Low-energy- 4.0 and iBeacon compatible
Chipset- TI CC2541
Material- PC Plastics
Advantages- IP67 Waterproof – Dustproof – Shockproof
Range- The coverage area of about 100 square meters. -The radius in 25 meters of spherical space-.
Battery Type- CR2477 ≥ 1000mAh
Battery Working Time- 12 Months
Battery Replacement- Support
TX Power–23dBm – -6dBm – 0dBm
Safety- Support connect by using password
Certifications- FCC – CE – RoHS
Size- Top- 50 x 50mm Bottom- 55 x 55mm Height- 18mm
Weight- 35g -No Battary Inclued-
Characteristic Specification-
1. BT name -UUID- 0xFF01- Permission- Write-Read-
The maximum length-20, ASCII code
The default name ebeoo-XXXXXX. XXXXXX is the last three bytes of the Bluetooth MAC address. -For example- the Bluetooth MAC address- 0x1234567890AB,
and the default name- ebeoo-7890AB-
Reboot Device to take effect.
2. ADVInterval -UUID- 0xFF02- Permission- Write-Read-
Roadcast interval, 16-bit unsigned integer, Unit 625uS.
Broadcast interval range- 32 -20mS- – 8000 -5.0S- The default value-480 -300mS-
Reboot Device to take effect.
3. Tx Power -UUID- 0xFF03- Permission-Write-Read-
The Bluetooth transmitter power, length- 1 byte
The values of the transmitter power- 00- -23 dBm 01- -6 dBm 02- 0 dBm The default value- 0 dBm
4. Authentic -UUID- 0xFF04- Permission-Write-
For authentication, length- 10 bytes The default value- 1234567890
5. iBeacon UUID -UUID- 0xFF05- Permission-Write-Read-
iBeacon parameter- UUID, 16 bytes, not all of 0x00. default- FDA50693A4E24FB1AFCFC6EB0764825 -Apply for “Wechat”Shake-
6. iBeacon Major -UUID- 0xFF06- Permission-Write-Read-
iBeacon parameter- Major, 2 bytes, not all of 0x00. default- 1
7. iBeacon Minor -UUID- 0xFF07- Permission-Write-Read-
iBeacon parameter- Minor, 2 bytes, not all of 0x00. default- 1
8. MAC Address -UUID- 0xFF08- Permission-Read-
Bluetooth MAC address, 6 bytes.
9.Factoryset -UUID- 0xFFF0- Permission-Write-
Factory Reset, length- 1 byte
Type 0x01 reset module.
10.Reset -UUID- 0xFFF1- Permission-Write-
Reset, length- 1 byte
Type 0x01 reset module.
11.Product Version -UUID- 0xFFF2- Permission-Read-
Hardware and software versions , length- 2 bytes
For example, 0x0102 represented hardware version- Rev01 and software version- Rev02
12.Measured Power -UUID- 0xFF09- Permission-Write-Read-
iBeacon parameter- Measured Power, 8-bit signed integer. Used for measuring distance.
13. Authentic Enable -UUID- 0xFF0A- Permission-Write-Read-
Enable authentication settings, length- 1 byte
Permissible value- 00- Disable
01- Enable The default state- Disable
14.Pair Code -UUID- 0xFF0B- Permission-Write-Read-
Pairing code, length- 6 bytes, 000000-999999
Each one represented by ASCII 0x30-0x39. The initial password -123456
15. Pair Code Enable -UUID- 0xFF0C- Permission-Write-Read-
Enable pairing code settings, length- 1 byte
Permissible value- 00- Disable 01- Enable The default state- Enable
16 Conn Timeout En
On – Off Protection mechanism.- 5 minutes later, IBeacon broadcost but can not edit by Bluetooth Device.-
01- On 02- Off Default – 01
17. Battery Level
Show current power of the device.
Package included-
1 x iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.0 Proximity Device Ebeoo Beacon Pro

We can use our iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.0 Proximity Device Ebeoo Beacon Pro daily, for hours without worrying about money

Mobile iBeacon Technology for Precision Retail Marketing: PART 2

PART 2: This is a great demonstration of the latest in iBeacon for retailers. We have developed a mobile solution including a POS, customer-facing app and “Experience Captain” coupled with low energy beacons (BLE) using iBeacon to help improve targeted micro cell in-store marketing and store analytics. iBeacon is the profile which launched with Apple iOS 7 which helps to make it easier for retailer developers to integrate this technology with their mobile apps. BestFit has been involved in the research & development of these beacon solutions since 2012.