iBeacon Discovery Day 11-01-2014

Glimwom IT and Appsterdam get 40 developers together to test the first 10 Glimworm iBeacon prototypes fresh off the 3-D Printer. The first Amsterdam iBeacon Discovery Day was fun, exciting and produced some surprising results. This 12 minute video captures the collaborative atmosphere and documents specific demonstrations of what an iBeacon can and should do as well as asking several experts what they think the future of iBeacons will be.

iBeacons at Amsterdam Poetry Festival 6-2-2014

Glimworm Beacons and Muzepoezie join forces to create the first ever iBeacon enabled poetry event showing the cultural world the incredible interactive potential of iBeacon integrated Apps. During the Gedichtenbal (Poetry Ball) the final event of the national Poetry Week 5 Glimworm Beacons were mounted at the Brakke Grond venue that activated the Musepeozie App for the public to interact with as poets performed to get more information about and more poems from the artists. Secret poems were opened when Smart Phone’s came within range of the Beacons providing a totally new interactive cultural experience.

Bubble: Your Websites on iBeacon

Bubble is an iBeacon powered web browser.
Learn more at: http://www.discoverbubble.com
and follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/discoverbubble

Easily tag websites to things in the real world and discover them when nearby with the Bubble Browser, a mobile browser that replaces URLs with iBeacons.

Tag URLs to your iBeacons through our web portal, or download the Bubble Tag Manager app for iOS.

People can discover your sites with the Bubble Browser for iOS, the first iBeacon powered web browser.

Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley on: Can Foursquare Compete With iBeacon?

ReadWrite editor-in-chief Owen Thomas has an evening discussion with Foursquare founder and CEO Dennis Crowley where they talk about why location databases could become a key way that wearable devices link us with nearby businesses and people, future platforms – and why 2014 is the year that location-based services will really pay off.

CT Flower Show 2016 iBeacon Demonstration

At epunched.com we just completed a mobile app and beacon demonstration at the CT Flower Show. We created the CT Flower Show app and then deployed 23 Kontakt beacons throughout the show. Visitors had to check in at 10 locations to be eligible for a grand prize. We used a free standing kiosk to send text message which links for downloads. There were over 800 downloads for the four day show.

Will Businesses Bite Into Apple’s iBeacon?

Apple’s location-tracking iBeacon allows apps to directly target users with advertisements and deals when a customer is in range of specific items. So how exactly does it work, and where can you use it? WSJ’s Niki Blasina explains.

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