nRF51822 #8: iBeacon Strommessung (Laufzeit mit CR2032)

Der nRF51822 (bzw. nRF51422) als iBeacon

Aus dem Nordic nrf5 SDK unter

S130 Softdevice

Ozilloskop: Rigol DS1052 2 Kanal 50MHz
Multimeter: Fluke 15B+

Minecraft ModCraft – [15] Wither i Beacon!

===Przydatne Linki===

◉Grupa na FB (SnapCrafterzy)



◉SnapCraft Save odc. 50

===Tytuły wykorzystanych utworów===

◉ Minecraft Nowinki:
– Alan Walker – Force
– Phlex – Light Me Up

◉ Minecraft SnapCraft:
– Veorra & The Tech Thieves – Ghost Town
– Aurora and Sighco – Last Light
– Elysian – In Love
– KTSG- Evergreen
– AK – 52 Weeks
– Samuke – Light snowfall
– Broke For Free – Night Owl
– Yal!X – Mourning Dove
– Sparkle & Yal!X – You’re Alive

◉ Minecraft ModCraft:
– Nubby Cakums – Minecraft Forest
– Kevin MacLeod – Scheming Weasel (faster version)
– Kevin MacLeod – Sneaky Snitch
– Kevin MacLeod – Wallpaper
– Kevin MacLeod – Darkest Child
– Kevin MacLeod – Frost Waltz
-Kevin MacLeod ~ The Builder
-Kevin MacLeod ~ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys
-Kevin MacLeod ~ Call to Adventure
-Kevin MacLeod ~ Happy Bee – Surf
-Kevin MacLeod ~ Sovereign
Kevin MacLeod ~ Cipher

◉ GTA Online:
– Veorra & The Tech Thieves – Ghost Town

◉Mody w ModCraft:
-Dynamic Lights
-Mine & Blade Battlegear 2
-TF2 Teleporter
-Damage Indicators

◉Link do paczki modów:
Nie można udostępniać paczek modów. Prawa Autorskie.

To wszystko, z czasem kiedy będą nowe serie opis będzie na bieżąco uzupełniany 🙂

International Auto Show iBeacon App

The San Diego International Auto Show integrated beacon technology, powered by Piper, to give visitors a new and engaging show experience. Utilizing Piper’s app and beacons, the automotive brands like Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Toyota and many more, delivered captivating mobile content and special messaging from the cars to nearby visitors as they walked past. Visitors only needed to have the free-to-download Piper App on their smartphones.

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iBeacon US – Companies from Airports to Retail already using Beacon Technology

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