MINDSTORMS EV3 – triggering actions with an iBeacon

A bash script scans for nearby BLE devices and if it finds my iBeacon nearby makes the motor run (very slow here because there are lots of BLE devices at office and bash isn’t the most proper method to measure RSSI values).
LEGO “Clockwork Heart” from JK Brickworks:

Clockwork Heart

Free Beacons For Businesses – free bluetooth beacons – bluetooth 5, ibeacon, eddystone,

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Learn how these formats work what can you do with bluetooth beacons what’s changed for beacons with bluetooth 5 and what new possibilities does the windows 10 creators update offer for bluetooth developers.

I found a way to make money with beacons and where to go to get them for free. Free bluetooth beacons – bluetooth 5, ibeacon, eddystone. How to get unlimited beacons the beacons are small devices that transmit a url signal around the clock which is picked up via bluetooth by nearby smartphone users. The physical web eddystone beacons are free I use beacons to upsell my other services like email funnels websites more traffic through seo paid ads and so on – which are all supported by beacon traffic.I can’t sit here and say “you will all buy these beacons because they are the best at everything!! In essence all a beacon does is send traffic to a website just like an ad or ranking high in a search engine.have you ever thought about selling beacon en masse?.I would treat beacon traffic just like you would treat traffic from an ad. free beacons.

hybris software shows Google Glass in action with iBeacons

hybris delivers a commerce software suite that is best in class, helping a company execute all its direct selling processes and present a single view and a unified experience to all its customers.
By constantly investigating and researching new technologies we are able to integrate these into our software.
Google Glasses and iBeacons are just one of these evolving technologies.
Download the full commissioned Forrester Study: http://bit.ly/OW04zp