iBeacon – Using TYPO3 to manage iBeacon Sensor Grids and App Content – Mirko Ross

Bluetooth low energy (BLE) sensor tags are designed for indoor positioning and location awareness systems. The BLE beacon technology was introduced on the market in 2013 with APPLE’s iBeacon Standard. The iBeacon sensor tags can be placed on various indoor locations, e.g. shopping malls to provide location based information for services. Each sensor tag sends a BLE transmitting Beacon signal. As iBeacon signals are based on Bluetooth low Energy, the reliable transmitting range is up to 30m, with falling accuracy on increasing distance. For that reason, usually a grid of iBeacons will be setup to cover indoor locations.

This presentation will give an overview on iBeacon technology, its challenges and the high potential of the technology in the Internet of Things.

And of course it will present how TYPO3 can be used to manage iBeacon Sensor Grids, BLE Sensor Management and distributing Content to mobile iOS Apps.