Mexia- Indoor Positioning Demo using iBeacon/BLE

Mexia Interactive demonstrates indoor positioning of a mobile device within a building. Using our leading M-Sensor that includes a USB powered iBeacon/BLE module with an external antenna, we are able to accurately position a device inside any building and have onboard sensors move the ‘blue dot’ along with the user.

Mexia can provide Developers with a complete SDK (iOS as of June2014. Android SDK ready Aug14) to integrate this technology into any indoor mapping or wayfinding component for an App.

Additional functionality of the Mexia M-Sensor include Enterprise level WiFi, iBeacon/BLE mobile engagement and best-in-class anonymous mobile location analytics. We also provide complete CMS (content management system) SDK’s for iOS and Android for iBeacon/BLE that provides proximity notifications, social connectivity, geo-fencing and a secure 3 token mobile payment module.